NYS Manufacturing and Tech News 8.19.19

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Startups find fertile ground in New York’s waste
“Arqlite Chief Executive Sebastian Sajoux plans to expand his Buenos Aires–based recycling business to New York, where the company will recycle 1,500 tons of flexible and laminated plastics into gravel for construction.”
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Rochester Institute of Technology to use $1m grant to expand cleanroom
“Rochester Institute of Technology is upgrading its Semiconductor and Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory (SMFL) to further advance the university’s research in integrated photonics, quantum information technology, biomedical devices and sensors for smart systems.”
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LI Cos Tapping Tech to Cut Cooling Costs
“Southold-based Enlightened Energy Consultants, led by Anthony Coppola, specializes in helping companies save on their energy bill – but not the way most companies have been doing.”
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CARMERA builds HD maps for autonomous vehicles in Brooklyn
“Although autonomous vehicle testing is occurring around the world, New York City isn’t generally considered a hotbed for the technology. The biggest city in the U.S. and second biggest in North America could still play a key role in the development of self-driving cars, thanks in part to tests in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.”
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Cazenovia entrepreneur launches new earth-friendly business
“This summer, Eco-Baggeez re-sealable sandwich bags became available for purchase in stores throughout New York State. The earth-friendly reusable bags are the invention of Cazenovia resident Beth Race, the founder and owner of Eco-Baggeez LLC. Race’s daughter Keeley serves as Director of Sales and Marketing.”
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Bolt Manufacturer is Evolving into a Full-Service Manufacturer and Supplier in NYC
“Baco Enterprises Inc. is evolving into a full-service manufacturer and supplier in New York City. They class themselves as being four companies in one, and with good reason. The company takes pride in being the only provider in the Northeastern United States that serves in so many capacities that are essential to the construction industry.”
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