NYS Manufacturing and Tech News Week of 2/28/18

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NYS looking to create up to 2,000 Advanced Manufacturing & Healthcare jobs
“The Governor’s new program dedicates funding specific to the creation of up to 2,000 new pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship positions in advanced manufacturing and healthcare over the next four to six years.”
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NYSEDC Honors Steuben County IDA Director with Economic Developer of the Year Award
“The New York State Economic Development Council (NYSEDC) has honored James (Jamie) Johnson as its ‘Economic Developer of the Year.’”
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Westchester Biotech Project to Hold Innovation Symposium
“On June 12, the Westchester Biotech Project (WBP), a not-for-profit organization that brings together a global network to foster scientific research and collaboration, will present its Innovation in Research 2018 symposium hosted by Purchase College, SUNY.”
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New York farmers eyeing big benefits from growing hemp that doesn’t get you high
“To the surprise of many, they will join about 100 farmers legally planting more than 3,000 acres of cannabis across New York this year.”
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Brooklyn Army Terminal celebrates 100 years, unveils new space and job opportunities
“Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) hosted a celebration that marked a century in existence at the growing facility, in addition unveiling over 500,000 square feet of new industrial space.”
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Brooklyn’s Robotic 3-D Printing Factory Brings Manufacturing to The Masses
“There’s not an old-fashioned assembly line to be found inside Voodoo’s factory in Brooklyn. Instead, there are rows of 3-D printers building objects one layer of plastic at a time, and robotic arms to help operations run smoothly.”
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