NYS Manufacturing Round Up Week of 11/17/2017

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State-supported entrepreneurship launches businesses, creates jobs
“Financial support from New York state, combined with universities’ innovation and assets, is a powerful catalyst that generates businesses and cultivates jobs, according to testimony from a key player in the upstate entrepreneurship ecosystem.”
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Centerstate CEO Announces 16 Semifinalists in Genius NY Second Round
“Genius NY, a business-accelerator program at CenterState CEO’s Syracuse Technology Garden, on Thursday announced 16 semifinalists in the competition’s second round.”
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Who knew Tim Hortons coffee is roasted in Rochester?
“If you get a cup of Tim Hortons coffee in Detroit, Minneapolis or St. Louis, the beans that went into making that that cup were roasted, ground and packaged in Rochester.”
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New Scott’s MIRACLE-GRO Manufacturing Plant Opens in Riga
“Scotts Miracle-Gro has officially opened the doors on its new manufacturing plant in Monroe County.”
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Greenfield Manufacturing expanding in Saratoga County
“Greenfield Manufacturing is planning to expand its chemical additives operation in Saratoga Springs, spending $2.5 million on improvements to its facility and adding seven new employees.”
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Lt. Gov. Awards $15M Grant to High Tech Cornell X-ray Facility
“In a windowless room deeply embedded within a bunker-like compound, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and other state-level politicians announced a $15 million state-sponsored grant to upgrade the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, or CHESS.”
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M+W US chief executive says Albany region is best place to put semiconductor manufacturers
“Encouraging companies to locate in western New York does not contribute to what has already been built in the Albany region, he said, including the $15 billion GlobalFoundries computer chip plant in Malta.”
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