NYS Needs Your Help

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Nys Needs Your Help

Dear all,
We are reaching out with an urgent request on behalf of the State of New York.
Would you please have your company fill out a short survey regarding its plans for remote working? It is increasingly clear that we are moving into a new normal with respect to remote working, which will have significant implications for NY’s economy. Your responses will help provide an anonymous and representative view of remote working plans to assist policymakers.
These survey responses are being collected by the State of NY and its New York Forward Reopening Advisory Board—a group of business, community, and civic leaders from industries across the state, helping to guide the State’s reopening strategy. Your answers will be combined with the large number of companies being asked to participate in the survey to ensure the complete privacy of your responses.
Can you forward the survey link to whomever you feel is best able to speak to your organization’s near and longer term remote working plans, and ask them to fill it out by the end of this week? The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.
Thank you,
FuzeHub & New York MEP


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