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Additive manufacturing has revolutionized the production of everything from toys to car parts to cell tissue. Products are lighter and stronger, and can be made faster, with more consistency and smaller, even customized batches.
Future innovation in 3D printing relies on the development of versatile materials—including polymers, metals and advanced composites— that lend themselves to a variety of commercial applications. What new functional materials are available or in the pipeline, and what do they have to offer a business like yours?
If want to find out, we encourage you to join FuzeHub and NYSTAR for the 2019 New York State Innovation Summit. The event, to be held October 7th and 8th at the Rochester Convention Center, will showcase companies and researchers at the forefront of emerging technologies and advancements in production capabilities.
The Day 2 Track entitled “Disruptive Technologies: New Waves in Materials for Additive” will feature four experts—Denis Cormier of RIT; Scott Vader of Xerox; Prabhjot Singh of GE Global Research and Scott Volk of Incodema3D—who will discuss the future of additive manufacturing and how new materials are changing what is possible.
To learn more or to register for the summit, click here.


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  1. I own an additive manufacturing company, Innosek. Currently we are on track to hit over 500,000 in revenue this year. We are located in Buffalo, NY. How can we get more involved?
    Brian Bischoff

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