NYS Manufacturing Now: WDI Sounds Workforce Solutions

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Nys Manufacturing Now: Wdi Sounds Workforce Solution

The Workforce Development Institute (WDI) is a non-profit organization that partners with NYS businesses, unions, and community organizations to create positive workforce outcomes. WDI began in 2003 as a partner to the NYS AFL-CIO and Area Labor Federations to provide workforce training and education services to regional and local unions. Since then, WDI’s role has evolved as demand for its services has grown.

Today, WDI has a special focus on manufacturing. With its statewide footprint and 10 regional offices, WDI is also a valued partner of FuzeHub, New York’s statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center. At a time when many manufacturers face uncertainties, it’s important to remember that some things haven’t changed because of COVID-19. Just like before the pandemic, WDI is helping manufacturers and offers a unique interactive grants program that is direct, flexible, and streamlined.

Months before COVID-19 and NY Pause, FuzeHub hosted three WDI colleagues at our office in downtown Albany. Elliot Creswell is a Policy Analyst at WDI in Troy. David Goodness is WDI’s Central New York Regional Director. Lisa Futterman is WDI’s New York City Director. Although this podcast was recorded before the pandemic, what you’ll hear rings true in the “new normal”.


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