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Embark on an enlightening exploration of New York’s economic transformation with special guest Alyson Slack from MRB Group, as we uncover the past and present of the state’s manufacturing sector. Together with FuzeHub’s Steve Melito we chart the course from a robust production history to a burgeoning service-oriented economy, all while acknowledging manufacturing’s lasting contributions to job creation and innovation. Discover how MRB Group is steering communities toward development readiness, and revel in the success stories, including collaborations with leading companies and critical infrastructure advancements. This engaging dialogue offers a panoramic view of the economic strategies that continue to rejuvenate New York’s industrial tapestry.

As we peel back the layers of New York State’s economic development, we reveal the robust investment in research and development through the NYSTAR network, igniting technological advancement and growth. We confront the myths about the state’s business climate, shining a light on hidden perks like the 0% corporate income tax for manufacturers and the strategic proximity to R&D hubs. Tune in for a compelling discussion that not only highlights the challenges but maps out the opportunities and strategic moves crucial for securing New York’s manufacturing future.

Listen to the podcast here.


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