Podcast: Fly the Electric Skies

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Have you ever imagined what the sky will look like when dotted with electric aircraft? This isn’t a distant dream anymore, thanks to innovators like Jake Goldman from Beta Technologies, who joined host Steve Melito to discuss the electrifying advancements in eVTOL aircraft and charging systems. We’re charging into the future as Jake reveals how Beta is revolutionizing the skies with their strategic deployment of charging infrastructure and their laser focus on core technologies. Learn about their $41 million expansion in Plattsburgh, New York, which promises to boost the local economy and create a stronghold for aviation manufacturing.

It’s not just about the aircraft; it’s about the ecosystem that brings these marvels to life. Step into Clinton County, where a unique partnership between Beta Technologies, local technical schools, and the community is engineering a new generation of manufacturing talent. Discover how New York’s rich manufacturing history and cooperative spirit are pivotal in this tale of innovation and synergy. Join us, and be part of the conversation that’s driving the next era of aeronautical exploration.

Listen to the podcast here.


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