Podcast: In the Same Vein with IV Wedge

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New York State Innovation Summit – Day 2: IV Wedge

Join us on a fascinating journey with Brendan Laing, the brains behind the revolutionary IV Wedge. On Day 2 of the 2023 New York State Innovation Summit, this episode delves into the intricate world of medical device innovation, highlighting the groundbreaking IV Wedge. A catheter stabilization device that promises enhanced patient comfort, the IV Wedge is an innovation that’s revolutionizing healthcare. Brendan opens up about his thrilling journey in the 2021 Commercialization Competition, revealing how the winnings catapulted the production of the IV Wedge. He generously shares indispensable pitching advice for startups, emphasizing the role of a clear hook and a focused storyline.

Listen to the podcast here.


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