Podcast: Manufacturing E-Commerce at Falconer Electronics

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Podcast: Manufacturing E-commerce At Falconer Electronics

Falconer Electronics of Falconer, NY manufactures ground straps and wire harnesses. The Chautauqua County company also makes commercial power strips that are available via e-commerce, a business model that’s growing in popularity during the age of COVID-19. Today, Falconer’s customers can buy commercial power strips not just through the company’s website, but also at Walmart.com.
In a podcast with New York State Manufacturing Now, Falconer Electronics and its business consultant, Curt Anderson of B2Btail, tell FuzeHub’s Steve Melito about the manufacturer’s e-commerce experience. For small to medium-sized enterprises across New York State, Falconer’s story offers valuable lessons you can apply to your own business.


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