Podcast: Rendezvous and Reunion

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In this episode of New York State Manufacturing Now, host Steve Melito delves into the intricacies of doing business across the Canadian-US border. He gathers insights and perspectives from attendees and the organizer of the 2024 Québec-New York Transportation Rendezvous, hosted by NAmTrans and held in Plattsburgh, New York.

Steve’s first guest is Holly Black, a seasoned HR consulting and immigration expert from Hurdle Group. Holly shares her journey from Wabtec to launching her own consulting firm, offering a wealth of advice for Canadian enterprises navigating the complexities of operating in the United States. She sheds light on the tricky waters of US employment laws and immigration, providing valuable guidance for businesses looking to expand across the border.

This episode goes beyond transportation talk and explores the significance of face-to-face networking in the digital age. Joel Wood, the architect behind the vibrant Québec-New York Transportation Rendezvous, shares his unique perspectives on orchestrating such an impactful event. Amidst the hubbub of bankers, insurers, and industry professionals, the episode highlights the enduring value of in-person connections in an increasingly virtual world.

The episode concludes with a conversation with Marc Gyselinck from the Canadian company Elasto Proxy, who discusses their work in gaskets and seals and how they find value in collaborating with New York State-based transportation-focused businesses. Listeners gain first-hand insights into the close-knit relationship between Plattsburgh and Montreal, despite the international border that separates them.

Overall, this episode of New York State Manufacturing Now offers a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities of cross-border business, providing valuable insights for entrepreneurs and professionals navigating the complexities of operating in a global marketplace.

Listen to the podcast here.


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