Podcast: The Fun in the Fund

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Have you ever wondered what ignites the spark of innovation in New York’s manufacturing scene? Patty Rechberger of FuzeHub’s Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund joins host Steve Melito to unravel the mystery behind manufacturing grants that are revolutionizing businesses across the state. We take a deep dive into the critical role these grants play in bridging the R&D “valley of death,” setting the stage for collaborations that fuel growth and technological advancements. Eligibility might sound daunting, but Patty breaks it down: if you’re a New York State business partnered with a non-profit, you’re on your way. It’s all about connection and support that extends far beyond project completion, ensuring that innovation doesn’t just start—it thrives.

This episode isn’t just about the potential of grants—it’s about the tangible outcomes they create, from patent navigation to overcoming the challenge of finding the right non-profit ally. We also give you a peek into what happens after the grant celebration dies down—setting project timelines, managing unexpected twists, and tapping into continuous support from FuzeHub.

Listen to the podcast here.


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