Santokh Badesha Recieves 250th Patent

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Santokh Badesha Receives 250th Patent

Dr. Santokh Badesha, a valued member of the FuzeHub Board of Trustees, has reached a major milestone in his already distinguished career: His 250th U.S. Patent.
Santokh is Xerox Fellow and Manager of Open Innovation for Xerox Corp., where he has worked for 38 years. His responsibilities include building strategic relationships with academic institutions and industrial partners, aimed at the design and development of functional materials, components, and marking subsystems.
The latest patent is for a b-stage epoxy film adhesive used to attach two or more printhead parts. It is chemically resistant to hostile inks and maintains adhesion in high-temperature, high-pressure printing conditions. It is designed to enable the fabrication of a high-performance, low-cost, high-density ink jet printhead.
With 250 issued patents—and more than 50 additional applications on file—is not surprising that Santokh sits atop the list of patent holders among Xerox’s more than 50,000 employees. In fact, Charlie Duke, a former Vice President of Xerox’s Research Center in Webster, outside of Rochester, said of Santokh that his impact on Xerox is “potentially one of the top ten all-time highest contributions from a single technical contributor over the course of his/her Xerox career.”
Congratulations Santokh! We are fortunate, and proud, to have you on our team.


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