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Sewing Technology Increases Profitability with Insyte Consulting

New York MEP Success Story Image

Small business Sewing Technology Inc. provides contract sewing and manufacturing services.  With the help of Insyte Consulting (the NYSTAR-designated Manufacturing Extension Partnership center that serves Western NY), Sewing Technology applied lean manufacturing concepts that allowed the company to meet on-time delivery requirements and increase profitability overall.
As a result of the assistance received from Insyte Consulting,  Sewing Technology Inc.’s production now exceeds 250 helmet covers a day, they increased sales by 60% overall, and they increased the net margin on the helmet covers by 45%. Read more about this success here.

“STI is an excellent company and a great example of the small manufacturers Insyte assists every day.  Their success is driven by their commitment to learn and improve.  We love clients like that!” – Ben Rand, President of Insyte Consulting


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