Sewing Technology Increases Profitability with Insyte Consulting

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Small business Sewing Technology Inc. provides contract sewing and manufacturing services.  With the help of Insyte Consulting (the NYSTAR-designated Manufacturing Extension Partnership center that serves Western NY), Sewing Technology applied lean manufacturing concepts that allowed the company to meet on-time delivery requirements and increase profitability overall.
As a result of the assistance received from Insyte Consulting,  Sewing Technology Inc.’s production now exceeds 250 helmet covers a day, they increased sales by 60% overall, and they increased the net margin on the helmet covers by 45%. Read more about this success here.

“STI is an excellent company and a great example of the small manufacturers Insyte assists every day.  Their success is driven by their commitment to learn and improve.  We love clients like that!” – Ben Rand, President of Insyte Consulting


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