Stratasys Introduces Multi-material printer in full color!

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Blog Written by Hutch Hutchison, Director, Technology & Engineering Matching, FuzeHub
This just in! Stratasys has announced it will be taking orders for a major upgrade to the Objet 500 printer that I introduced in my Additive Manufacturing – A New Tool in the Manufacturing¬† Toolbox, Part 4. The printer, you may recall, acts just like an ink-jet, but prints in polymers. It offers up to 14 different material cartridges, mix-able on the fly, to produce digital materials for the solid part. The 500 has a sizable building volume of 20″ X 16″ X 8″. The upgrade adds full-color capability, using the old inkjet standard of cyan, magenta, and yellow pigments to produce color, multi-material, large size prototypes and parts. With a price tag of $330, its a bargain! Expected availability is in the second quarter of 2014.
Read more about this cool new Additive Machine and see the bike helmet it printed here.


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