Supplemental Award Boosts Co-Manufacturer Expansion Project

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Supplemental Award Boosts Co-manufacturer Expansion Project

Little Bird Kitchen (LBK) is a food co-manufacturer in Plainview, Long Island, with ten employees. LBK produces goods based on client’s recipes for the client to then sell. The company hopes to double its staff by the end of 2020.
The Challenge
Little Bird Kitchen was looking to position itself to be a co-manufacturer to support the many small businesses leaving incubators looking to scale up production but not yet ready to stand on their own. To do this, LBK wanted to increase its packaging line capability as well as additional pieces of equipment and hire additional staff. For help, the LBK team turned to the Manufacturing & Technology Resource Consortium at Stony Brook University (MTRC), the Long Island regional MEP center, part of the New York MEP and the the MEP National Network™.
MEP’s Role
Thanks to MTRC’s supplemental award grant program, the company qualified for a match to their capital equipment purchase. With that, they were able to purchase additional manufacturing equipment to their new food manufacturing line. Because of these new tools, LBK has attracted several national customers. This created the need for additional staff. With this, LBK has been able to support more startup companies that are making the jump from the incubation stage to the national spotlight.
1 job created
Company received a supplemental award match for capital equipment purchases expanding the facility.
The expansion project helped to increase productivity and increase automation.


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