The Future of Augmented Reality

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The Future of Augmented Reality

Your business operates in the real world, but that does not mean you have to be limited to real world solutions to some of your biggest operating challenges.
Employee training, product development, quality assurance, system maintenance and more can become easier, faster, more efficient, safer and less expensive with augmented reality (AR).  AR is the process of integrating digital elements into a real-world background.  For example, by looking through a hand-held device or some special glasses, a blueprint will become a three-dimensional product.
AR greatly improves the efficiency of worker-job interaction, enhances knowledge transfer and reduces risks to people and property. It also increases the speed by which concepts can be reviewed and modified, leading to quicker design cycles so your product becomes reality sooner.
Augmented reality is just one example of how the technological landscape is changing. Taking advantage of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) will help businesses succeed in today’s smart manufacturing environment. Reach out to FuzeHub or your regional New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership center for expert knowledge of AMT and help with technology implementation.


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