THINQubator – STEM, Crowdfunding, and Manufacturing Talent

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Will the THINQubator raise money, capture imaginations, and help train New York State’s next generation of manufacturing talent? Part of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity, the 1,000 sq. ft. facility in Troy aims to raise $35,000 on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website, for a makerspace where kids can learn how to use 3D printers, hand tools, power tools, computers, and other equipment.
According to a recent report in the Albany Business Journal, the THINQubator raised over $2,000 on the first day of its crowdfunding campaign. Through the middle of May, over 90 people had contributed a total of nearly $7,000, putting the kids’ makerspace at almost 20% of its initial goal. The crowdfunding campaign is led by Erica Iannotti, THINQuabator co-founder and an engineer, maker, educator, and entrepreneur.
As the school year draws to a close, THINQubator enthusiasts hope that potential donors will see the site as a potential place for summer camps, professional development, and field trips. In addition to learning more about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), kids who explore and invent at THINQubator can connect with mentors and meet peers who share their interests.
Located on the first floor of the former Quackenbush building, THINQubator is just one part of an ambitious effort by the Tech Valley Center of Gravity. Once construction is complete, manufacturing startups can find space and gain access to specialized equipment like welding machines and 3D printers. Will THINQuabator supply future talent to these firms, and will crowdfunding supply capital to manufacturing startups?


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