Tips for Optimizing Your Food Safety Plan

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Tips For Optimizing Your Food Safety Plan

Are you a food manufacturer in NYS? Many food manufacturers are nearing the required review of their food safety plan, or FSP.  
In an article from Food Safety Magazine written by Jolene Cram, food safety project manager for the Tri-State Food Manufacturing Collaboration, which consists of Impact WashingtonIdaho TechHelp, and Montana Manufacturing Extension Center, there are some actions you can take to optimize your food safety plan in preparation for this review.
They are:

  1. Keep your FSP from becoming too cumbersome by finding ways to simplify your hazard analysis process.
  2. Keep your FSP separate from other compliance programs.
  3. Convert your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan into a food safety plan.
  4. Maximize Preventive Controls-Qualified Individual (PCQI) training to support food safety culture.

Contact your local MEP center to help you with your food safety plan.
This syndicated article was written as part of the MEP National Network awareness campaign.


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