Unique Electric Solutions Improves Market Positioning for Increased Sales

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With the help of: New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NYMEP)
Unique Electric Solutions (UES) of Stony Brook and Calverton, New York makes electrical propulsion systems that can transform Class 4 – 7 trucks and buses into clean running, easy-to-maintain, reliable fleet vehicles. Applications for the company’s uniqueEV™ technology are widespread, including delivery trucks, school buses, and drayage/terminal trucks. UES has received grants and investments from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the U.S. Department of Energy, and Stony Brook University. FuzeHub has provided UES with connections to pollution prevention experts and, later, funding that helped the company to better monitor and manage manufacturing operations.
The Challenge
UES partnered with United Parcel Service (UPS) to begin converting the carrier’s diesel trucks in New York City to an all-electric platform. To complete this initial program and pursue larger opportunities, UES needed operational data to estimate the potential reductions in fossil fuel use, impact of electricity use, and reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with uniqueEV™ technology. Later, when UES began manufacturing its conversion kits for UPS and other customers, the company needed help implementing a sophisticated enterprise resource planning/material resource planning (EPR/MRP) system that could provide valuable business intelligence.
“The support that we received from FuzeHub and the New York Pollution Prevention Institute was critical to our ability to turn a research and development program into a recurring revenue manufacturing opportunity. It was a force multiplier.” – Michael Backman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
MEP’s Role
FuzeHub, part of New York MEP and the MEP National Network™, connected UES to the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYS P2I), which conducted a high-level comparative analysis. This research suggested that, compared to baseline diesel powered vehicles, uniqueEV™ technology has the potential to significantly reduce GHG emissions from medium duty trucks operating in New York City. Later, after UES began manufacturing conversion kits for UPS and other customers, FuzeHub provided UES with Build4ScaleNY funding that helped the company hire experts who helped implement its ERP/MRP system.
As a result of the connections and assistance that FuzeHub provided, UES better improved its positioning in the marketplace and ultimately increased its sales through contracts with UPS and other customers, which now include school bus conversions in major metropolitan school districts. The company reported $5,675,000 in total economic impact with two jobs created. This amount includes $5,000,000 in increased sales of its uniqueEV™ technology.


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