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WDI: Innovate and Educate for Manufacturing, Workforce Development Institute over machines

Attention manufacturers: Would you like to do your part to improve the future of New York’s manufacturing workforce? Here’s your chance.
The Workforce Development Institute (WDI), is teaming with Innovate + Educate of Santa Fe, NM to bring Core Score™—an employability skills assessment used in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and IT sectors—to advanced manufacturing. They need the help of manufacturers like you to validate the assessment—that is, to make sure it is usable and makes sense.
The Core Score™ Manufacturing Assessment tests the knowledge and behaviors necessary to succeed in today’s manufacturing workforce, including work ethic, openness to learning, collaboration and customer focus. The idea is to give employers a skills-based standard for their hiring and promoting decisions and to give workers a common credential recognized across the industry.
The validation phase is a crucial step in determining that the assessment measures what it is supposed to and will help predict someone’s future performance. Therefore, WDI is looking for manufacturers to volunteer to use some of their current workers as test subjects.
This is what you have to do: Recruit at least 20 employees—half of whom are your top performers, the others regular performers—along with their supervisors or managers. Have the workers take the 30-minute assessment either on paper or online.  Then have their supervisors or managers complete the 15-minute Performance Rank Survey and submit the data to WDI.
In return, you will receive free access to the Core Score™ Manufacturing Assessment tool for one year. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to improve the manufacturing workforce nationwide.
For more information or to sign up, click here.


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