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Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) announces its next class

The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) announces its next class, which begins on March 27th. Apply today, and if you’re one of the 20 high-growth ventures to be accepted, the access you’ll get is invaluable.
Access to local and national experts for the advice and experience that propels company founders and leaders to up their game with investors, R&D grants, business plans, product commercialization, sales and marketing, pricing, hiring, and leadership.
Plus, access to the guidance successful leaders need to avoid the pitfalls out there: bad deals, money left on the table, giving away too much equity, hiring the wrong people, bad metrics, and more.
For 15 previous classes over the past eight years, more than 250 area business executives and start-ups have taken advantage of the experts TEN brings in for its highly focused “boot camps.” These renowned experts work with you one-to-one to further develop and expand your own capabilities and those of your business enterprise. Now that’s access!
Established business leader or new venture entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter: Graduate from TEN and you operate on a higher level.
Admission by acceptance only. Apply today.  TEN Class XVI:  March 27 & 28; April 24 & 25; May 29 & 30; June 5, 17 & 26.   
If you know someone who would benefit from TEN, please click here to forward this e-mail announcement.


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