Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 06/10/16

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Manufacturing Is Making It Again in New York City

“It’s hard to imagine a less-hospitable environment for manufacturing than New York City. Space is tight, real estate expensive and the cost of living too high for most people on a factory worker’s wages. Yet after decades of decline, manufacturing in the city—often in the form of small shops—is finding a few niches where it can thrive.”
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AIM Photonics Leaders Meet in Rochester

“The biggest decision-makers for Rochester’s photonics center are in town Thursday and Friday, discussing next steps and finalizing the first batch of research proposals.”
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GlobalFoundries to Make Chips for Pentagon Spy Satellites, Missiles

“GlobalFoundries, the computer chip maker with a factory in Saratoga County, New York, will make chips for the Pentagon to be used in U.S. spy satellites, missiles and combat jets. The Pentagon has reached a seven-year agreement with GlobalFoundries to make the microchips, according to The Wall Street Journal.”
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State Expands Credit to Wine, Spirits and Cider Industries

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday the Beer Production Credit—now known as the Alcohol Production Credit—has been expanded to include the state’s wine, spirits and cider industries. The credit is anticipated to save those industries some $4 million over the next two years, officials said”
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Why Troy Industrial is Investing in Renovating its Offices, Shop Floors

“Shop floor and office renovations are investments in the future of Troy Industrial Solutions, president and CEO Jason Smith said. The company has renovated its offices in Ansonia, Connecticut, and Smith has approved a $180,000 renovation in Brewer, Maine, to update its space there. Smith said the Watervliet headquarters are also due for upgrades, probably in 2017.”
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Manufacturers Welcome Overhaul of Toxic Chemical Regulations

“Manufacturers welcomed passage of a new law that overhauls regulations on the use of toxic chemicals, even though it will subject thousands of existing products to reviews by the Environmental Protection Agency.”
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