Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 12/31/2015

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3D Printing Venture Capitalist Says Metal Will Duel Organic Material In The Coming Year

“It sounds like something from a dystopian novel. Two materials, metal and organic, will duel for mainstream acceptance among the community of 3D printing aficionados. But that’s exactly how 3D printing venture capitalist Alan Meckler predicts 2016 will be defined.”
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Does Your Supply Chain Challenge the Status Quo?

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for medical device companies to maintain healthy profit margins within a business-as-usual environment amid shifting regulations and changing market trends. Add price and cost pressures to the equation, and you have an industry with ample impetus to innovate.”
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Here’s One Transparent Way Future Manufacturing Will Be Different

“Future manufacturing plants will let you remotely watch your products as they rise to existence from the bed of a 3D printer. At least, that is, if Max Friefeld, CEO of Brooklyn-based 3D printing plant, Voodoo Manufacturing gets his way.”
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The Engineer Of 2045

“Through 12 years or more of school, students learn about engineering and design. But the learning doesn’t stop there. The students graduating high school this year will likely be working until 2045 or later. What new skills will engineers need to develop in the next 30 years? Will our children be designing by hand in holographic rooms or controlling manufacturing robots with their minds?”
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From Sweatshop To Workshop: Orange County’s Textile Industry On The Way Back

“The fashion industry is returning to the Hudson Valley. That’s according to sponsors and participants of a conference hosted by FuzeHub at the SUNY Orange-Newburgh campus on Dec. 11. ‘This is our coming-out party,’ said emcee Vincent Cozzolino.”
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Meet Etsy’s Hands-On Advocate For Its Handmade Sellers

“Since Etsy senior vice president of members and community Heather Jassy is based about 127 miles north of the company’s Brooklyn headquarters, in the city of Hudson, it’s easy to think of her as the small-town mayor of a crafting community.”
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