Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 3/23/15

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Here are this week’s top stories for NYS manufacturing.

MEP Launches Competitions For 12 MEP Centers; WH Announces Supply Chain Initiative

“The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) issued a Federal Funding Opportunity for nonprofit organizations to operate state MEP centers in 12 states – Alaska, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. The objective of the MEP Center program is to provide business and technical services to small- and medium-sized manufacturers within the state of operation.”
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Joint Venture: Many Partner, Launch CCC welding program

“Corning Community College on Friday unveiled its $2 million welding center in Elmira, an investment business and education leaders say will train people for lucrative jobs and help keep manufacturers here.”
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MakerBot To Offer Financing For New 3-D Printing Purchases

“Now, MakerBot appears to be trying to goose sales by striking financing partnerships. In a blog post, the company described how customers can make purchases of MakerBot products on payment plans administered by Affirm or LEAF Commercial Capital.”
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High-Speed 3-D Printing

“A new additive manufacturing technology is 25 to 100 times faster than conventional 3-D printing, and produces stronger parts at a lower cost. The technology was developed by a startup called Carbon3D, which was founded in 2013. The process is described today in a paper published in the journal Science.”

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College Pairs Business Students With Researchers To Aid Commercialization

“Graduate-level business students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are working with science and engineering faculty to assist researchers in the commercialization process. The goal of the masters’ scholars research program is to give graduate students experience building a business around advanced technologies.”
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MICROrganic Technologies Looks To Food Processors To Pilot Tech

“Brent Solina, president and founder of MICROrganic Technologies, said the startup is looking for strategic partnerships to bring its microbial fuel cell from development to commercialization. MICROrganic makes microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment plants that drive a current by using bacteria and mimicking bacterial interactions found in nature.”
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High-End Window Manufacturer Approved For Start-Up NY Tax Credits

“A Green Island manufacturer of high-end window and door frames will receive 10 years of tax-free benefits for its metalworking expansion under the state’s Start-UP NY economic development program.”
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Robots Lend A Hand At Buffalo Manufacturing Works

“Max and Taylor recently joined Buffalo Manufacturing Works and are eager to get to work. But as new additions they don’t receive health benefits or coffee breaks. They did, however, receive their new names, because Buffalo Manufacturing Works likes to name the robots that comprise the new flexible manufacturing lab at 847 Main Street in Buffalo.”
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