Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 8/07/2015

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More New Jobs In Photonics As Middletown, New York, Manufacturer Expands To Albany

“Albany, New York, might already be seeing benefits of a recently announced federal photonics institute, as a company tied to upstate New York’s budding photonics industry expands to the city’s south end.”
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Survey: Manufacturers Lag In Data Security Planning

“A new survey indicates that although most manufacturing companies are increasing their investments in data security, they are less likely to maintain a comprehensive plan to detect and control fraud.”
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Cuomo Says New York Tax Incentives Are A Necessity For Attracting Businesses

“New York is not about to end its streak of using tax breaks and subsidies to attract businesses to the state any time soon, Gov.Andrew Cuomo said this week. Cuomo talked about the role of state incentives Tuesday during an event at the new SolarCity factory in Buffalo that will make solar panels.”

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Recalls Swamp U.S. Auto Dealerships

“Auto dealerships are scrambling to keep up with a record number of safety recalls, which hit nearly 64 million last year, with seemingly no letup.”
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OSHA To Lower Exposure Limit To Beryllium

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration plans to significantly lower exposure limits to beryllium, an industrial mineral that can cause a deadly lung disease. Under the new standard, workers could be exposed to only 0.2 micrograms per cubic meter of beryllium. The current standard, which was originally established by the Atomic Energy Commission in 1948, is 10 times higher.”

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