Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 9/18/2015

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Stony Brook University Secures NYSTAR CAT Awards

“Empire State Development’s (ESD’s) Division of Science, Technology and Innovation, including a new grant for the Center for Advanced Technology in Integrated Electric Energy Systems (CIEES), and a renewal grant for Stony Brook’s existing  Center for Biotechnology . ESD is New York State’s chief economic development agency.”
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General Electric Says to Move 500 U.S. Jobs Overseas Blaming Ex-Im Bank Closure

“General Electric Co. will move about 500 U.S. jobs overseas to avoid losing business to foreign rivals, a decision the company said was prompted by the lapse of the U.S. Export-Import Bank’s charter earlier this summer.”
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Xerox Workers Have 200-Plus Patents

“Globally there are inventors with thousands of patents. However, the United States’ most prolific inventor was Thomas Edison at 1,084. Steve Jobs had 484. George Eastman had 35 patents, Kodak confirmed, but his most famous patent created jobs in Monroe County for generations. Santokh Badesha, another Xerox inventor with 34 years and 200-plus patents, said he sees himself reaching milestones even greater than 200.”

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Etsy Welcomes Manufacturers To Artisanal Fold

“This fall, Etsy is set to introduce Etsy Manufacturing, a new service in the United States and Canada that matches sellers like Ms. Goodall with small manufacturers. It is a bid by the company, which went public in April, to help its small sellers expand their businesses.”
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Medical Marijuana May Soon Go Synthetic: Researcher Succeeded In Manufacturing THC Out Of Genetically Altered Yeast

“In a recent paper published in the journal Biotechnology Letters, biochemists at the Technical University of Dortmund in Germany announced their success in using a genetically engineered strain of yeast to synthesize tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main component in marijuana. The feat could possibly help improve the lives of countless people by offering a cheap and reliable source of medical THC.”
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