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National Grid Manufacturing Productivity Program offers up to $40,000 to Finger Lakes Region manufacturers

National Grid’s Manufacturing Productivity Program (MPP) provides matching funds for efforts aimed at productivity improvements and growth. Eligible lean manufacturing or manufacturing assistance projects that result in eliminating waste and increasing productivity on the shop floor or in the office environment can receive a 40% reimbursement of the costs up to $15,000. Eligible activities targeting growth that result in greater utilization of plant capacity including sales, marketing, and Innovation Engineering can receive 50% reimbursement of costs up to $15,000. Activities that combine both productivity improvements and growth can receive 60% reimbursement of project costs up to $40,000.
If you are a manufacturing company or you provide productivity or growth services to manufacturing companies that are National Grid customers, please call or e-mail Mark Schrader at 585-327-7934.  


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