NYS Dept of Economic Development – CAT Request for Proposals

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The New York State Department of Economic Development invites your participation in submitting a proposal for the Center for Advanced Technology Program (CAT).  The attached Request for Proposals details specifications and services required.   Questions regarding this proposal must be submitted in writing to [email protected] by April 24, 5:00 PM.   All proposals must submitted to [email protected]. and be received by May 26, 2015, 5:00 P.M.

To encourage greater collaboration between industry and New York’s research universities, ESD anticipates designating up to ten Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT) under this RFP. The CAT Program is designed to spur technology-based applied research and economic growth in New York; encourage applied research collaboration and innovation with industry; promote workforce development; better leverage State funds with investments from the Federal government, industry, foundations, and not-for-profit economic development organizations; and increase the competitiveness of New York State Companies over the Center’s ten year designation period.

Each proposed CAT must use ESD funds to enhance its resources in a specific Technology Focus (refer to Section I.F. of this RFP) to help New York State Companies remain competitive and solve production, applied research and development, and technical problems. To ensure that each CAT’s resources are invested in areas with the greatest commercial relevance to industry, each CAT must create an Industrial Advisory Board that includes representatives from companies operating within the Proposal’s Technology Focus.

CAT 2015 RFP 15-6104
RFP-15-6104 (2015 CAT) Request for Proposals Response Form
RFP-15-6104 (2015 CAT) MWBE Forms (Preamble EEO Policy Staffing Plan and Utilization Plan)
RFP 15-6104 (2015 CAT) Proposal Cover Page Checklist and Certification Form
RFP 15-6104 (2015 CAT) Project Summary Template
RFP 15-6104 (2015 CAT) Budget Forms One and Two
RFP 15-6104 (2015 CAT) Biographical Sketch Form


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