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COVID-19 HR Guidance For Manufacturers

Manufacturers need answers to HR questions caused by the COVID-19 crisis. How do workers maintain “social Distancing and remain productive? Are split or staggered shifts recommended or required? Do you have questions regarding both the Federal and NYS sick leave programs?

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Build4Scale NY Webinar: Calculating Cost of Goods Sold

Many start-up companies make the mistake of designing overly complex products that are expensive to manufacture and assemble at scale. This inflated cost can make your price point too high (costing you sales) or erode your profit margins. This webinar will show you how to accurately calculate your total product cost and develop an intelligent pro-forma cost as you look to scale-up production.

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Build4Scale NY Webinar: What’s Coming in 2020

New for 2020, FuzeHub’s Build4Scale NY program features monthly training events and new funding opportunities. We will discuss how membership in the program provides benefits that streamline your path to successfully commercializing your hardware product.

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IoT Threats and Vulnerabilities

Three of the largest engineering innovations for the next decade are based on sensors and communication: autonomous vehicles, implantable medical devices, and the smart grid. As a result, clearly, the major new security threats for the next decade will stem from, and target, these engineering systems.

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Ransomware & Crypto Jacking

Change your cyber security perspective to reduce your risk Ransomware and Crypto-Jacking attacks are growing at a breakneck pace. Cyber incidents involving ransomware happen on average over 6800 times each day. It is projected that this rate will rise to over 7800 infections per day by 2021.

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