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Calculating Your Cost of Goods Sold and Estimating Future Production Costs

Many start-up companies make the mistake of designing overly complex products that are expensive to manufacture and assemble at scale. This inflated cost can make your price point too high (costing you sales) or erode your profit margins. This webinar will show you how to accurately calculate your total product cost and develop an intelligent pro-forma cost as you look to scale-up production.



What You Will Learn


  • The difference between fixed costs, variable costs, direct costs, indirect costs, and overhead.
  • Gain an understanding of Break-Even Point and Economies of Scale, and how they can impact pricing and profit margin.
  • The importance of knowing your product cost before investing in manufacturing or launching at the wrong price point.
  • Translating your bill of materials and manufacturing cost into an intelligent proforma at any scale.

Webinar Date and Time


  • February 13th
  • 11am to 12pm EST

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