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Union College: Business Plan Opportunities


One of the last courses the students take in the MBA Program at Union Graduate College is a Capstone course. This course is intended to integrate all of the student’s course work and step them into the business world. The project in this course is for a team of four students to develop a full comprehensive business plan for a real company at no cost to the company. The plans are realistic and something that the company can use and is not just an academic exercise. The business plan can be written for a start-up company, for an expansion (new product or new territory) of an existing business or to meet the objectives of a not-for-profit organization.

Business plans have been prepared for over 160 companies/organizations and have been very beneficial to the organizations. The business plans will be written during the ten week winter term and spring terms in the academic year 2015/2016. The winter term begins in January 2016 and the spring term starts the end of March 2016.
If you have an interest in participating in this program please contact Mel Chudzik at Union Graduate College.
Mel Chudzik, School of Management ,Union Graduate College                                    
Phone:518-631-9889   Email: [email protected]


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