January 2016


Manufacturing Round for the Week of 1/29/16

Integra Optics is expanding south of the U.S. with a new production facility in São Paulo, Brazil. The Albany, New York-based business makes fiber-optic equipment for cable, phone and wireless network platforms companies like Time Warner Cable and Verizon. It competes with the giants Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent.

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Workers preparing 3D-printing assembly

3D Printing’s New York State of Mind

Did you know that New York City is the capital of desktop 3D printing? Brooklyn-based Makerbot is the most powerful player, but there’s plenty of room for startups. Among publicly-traded 3D printing companies, the firms that are the most focused are also the most successful.

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Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 1/22/16

GlobalFoundries has acquired a 60-acre parcel from the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Saratoga County, New York. The computer chip manufacturer paid $1.2 million, or $20,000 an acre, to purchase 60 acres that straddle the Malta and Stillwater town line.

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Why Manufacturers Need Multiple Markets

Successful manufacturers don’t just make the most of what they do best. They protect themselves against unnecessary risks. Leading manufacturers also understand that over-reliance on a single sector or customer can be dangerous.

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Should You Change Your Manufacturing Business Model?

Does your manufacturing company do more than just make things? Historically, manufacturers have adopted a product-centric business model. Today, just making a good product isn’t good enough. That’s the word from Cisco, a leading manufacturer of networking equipment. According to the Silicon Valley giant, the service that happens after a sale is also important – and often represents a lost revenue opportunity.

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