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Micro Canning Line: We are a rapidly expanding Nanobrewery located in Buffalo NY. We currently only produce draft (kegged) beer and we know that there are major opportunities for growth if we can get our beer into 12 and 16 oz. can packaging. This will help us achieve a 95% brewhouse utilization rate. To put the growth that this addition would make into perspective, only 60% of brewhouse availability is currently being used. Over the past 10 years, the popularity of craft beer in a can has skyrocketed. We hope to capitalize on this as being the smallest producer in WNY to own its own canning line. Cans will allow our customers to become more familiar with our products through increased availability at different retailers and will further allow them to be transported anywhere, with ease. It will also enable us to be at the fingertips of more consumers, relying on other retail outlets to help sell our product instead of just on-premise consumption (bars & restaurants).


John Domres
President & Brewmaster

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