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The University of Rochester is proposing to purchase two ophthalmic research instruments, a Visiometrics HD Analyzer, and a LambdaX NIMO, which allow measurement of a contact lens prescription, as well as the visual performance and scatter of the contact lens on the eye. These tools will initially be used to support a collaboration with The Institute of Optics and the Flaum Eye Institute at the University of Rochester and Clerio Vision, Inc. to support their sponsored research on developing a novel method to manufacture contact lenses. Clerio Vision will leverage this research to advance the diagnostic capability in order to manufacture refractive devices with higher accuracy and to further the understanding of the impact of the LIRIC manufacturing process on optical performance. This project will have a considerable impact on Clerio Vision’s ability to scale up to commercial contact lens manufacturing and is expected to create around 10 jobs in the Rochester region over the next 36 months.


J. Mikael Totterman
Chief Executive Officer

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