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Implementation of design, production and sales of specialty power electronics for renewable power generation: CE is focused on the design, production and sales of specialty power electronics for renewable power generation, energy storage and electric vehicle applications currently estimated by CE to be a $5.6 billion market. CE is addressing the requirements for variable DC loads that degrade over time, are low voltage and produced by a variety of sources. DC-DC converters condition voltage from energy producing sources such as fuel cells, wind, solar, or storage sources such as lead acid, LiIon or flow batteries. CE customer discovery efforts indicate that there is no commercially available power electronics platform designed specifically to optimize the performance of energy storage and renewable systems. Pain points uncovered during our customer discovery include high cost (>$1,000 per kW), poor reliability, inefficient operation (<95%), large form factor, active cooling, multi-stage boost, long lead times and customization difficulties. These concerns were expressed by a variety of customers representing these markets and applications and are increasingly highlighted as energy storage is being coupled with intermittent renewable energy production including wind, solar and fuel cells. Most converters have limited operating range, can only manage a single input source, require multiple boost stages and are actively cooled. Our patented DC-DC converter designs provide improved functionality, higher efficiency, smaller footprint and lower cost than available alternatives.


Rhonda Staudt
Co-Founder, Managing Member

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