Oro Sports (Formerly Coolnomics)



Dr. Shenqiang Ren of the University at Buffalo’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and RENEW is partnering with Coolnomics LLC and QSG Technologies to develop CoolPak Hydrogel for advanced personal cooling solutions. This project will leverage thermal management technology and local manufacturing capabilities to enable superior cooling wearables. The impact of this new cooling technology will shine a light on the University at Buffalo and the entrepreneurial success of a Buffalo innovator. More so, this new cooling technology will enhance physical and mental endurance while also preventing heat injuries among the many populations commonly challenged when exertional heat meets environmental heat; from the endurance athlete to the military. From occupational workers in the construction trades, to the oil, gas, and nuclear industries; the airline industry, fire fighters and first responders; and the one-in-three Americans who become worsened when overheated due to a chronic condition and/or disability.


Luanne DiBernardo
Founding CEO

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