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Electroskip Gait Training: Product for Individuals with Walking Disabilities: Electroskip™ is an innovative medical device for walking disabilities associated with Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, lower limb loss, stroke paralysis, and other movement disorders. Postural instability, limping, balance problems, freezing-of-gait, shuffle stepping, idiopathic toe walking, etc. are all problems that share a specific impairment—gait variability or arrhythmic gait patterns. Electroskip™ is a wearable footwear device originally designed to meet the performance and reliability needs of live dance performers. Our patented technology consists of sensors and transmitters attached to shoes, when a patient steps, Electroskip™ instantaneously makes a digital sound. In 2018 our platform technology was used by Dr. Garrett Szydlowski in a preliminary study with a Parkinson’s patient. The study, which will be published in the “Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation”, (October 31, 2019/Vol: 15, No: 5) showed great promise for Electroskip™ in the clinical setting. Currently there is a study with 20 Parkinson’s patients measuring the immediate effects of Electroskip™. In Summer 2019, data collection was completed in a pilot study with a 4-year old boy with CP who used Electroskip to improve his weight bearing while he learned to use a walker, and a safety and feasibility study has completed data collection on 36 kids with Autism to diagnose idiopathic toe walking. Over the last 18 months we have pivoted from our initial entertainment focus to become a medical device company.


Jamie O'Neil

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