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The Center of Excellence in Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing (COE-ASM) at Rochester Institute of Technology has partnered with Enetics, Inc., headquartered in Victor, NY, to design a test bed for advanced prototype and production unit testing of products that provide remote, near real-time condition monitoring of gas distribution pipelines. Natural gas distribution systems in the U.S. are under pressure to increase reliability and safety through monitoring. Enetics has partnered with multiple U.S. natural gas utilities to develop a first-of-its-kind telemetry product to remotely monitor the millions of miles of distribution pipelines. Under the project, COE-ASM will engineer and design a flow loop test bed for testing of gas telemetry systems. Upon COE-ASM’s completion of the design, the test flow loop will be fabricated by Enetics as an on-site platform to rigorously replicate the testing of their telemetry system to ensure it performs effectively.


Travis Downs
General Manager

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