Fruition Orchards Inc.


Streamlining Product and Distribution Management at Fruition Orchards Inc. with a New and Collaborative Software Platform: The lack of a central transactional platform for ordering, etc. has been an ongoing challenge. It’s meant juggling a patchwork of emails, shared online documents, phone messages, a paper list, and copying/pasting across several spreadsheets. In addition, the lack of a mobile application means that we need to keep going to the desktop computer to check-in produce/deliveries. Aside from the organizational advantages that will enable us to run more efficiently, a central platform can serve farmers with inventory management, broadcasting/pricing, as well as coordinating payment and delivery. For customers, it offers product discovery and assurance in ordering and payment. We have spent considerable time researching several inventory/distribution software platforms—analyzing 8, as well as looking into the option of building our own. Fruition Orchards has recently identified the best one for our needs. It’s also the most innovative, as it capitalizes on collaboration across food hubs.


Jori Wekin

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