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HaloFilm Commercialization: Halomine Inc. is developing anti-microbial products for a wide variety of applications from food safety to hospital/healthcare settings to industrial and commercial applications. Obviously, the growth of drug resistant strains of bacteria and other pathogens is a looming health concern for the planet. Recent understanding that these pathogens can develop biofilms which coat and protect them from our normal cleaning and sanitizing products only adds to the concern. One in 20 hospital patients will acquire a healthcare associated infection generating $33 billion in potentially preventable health care costs annually. The USDA estimates that, each year in the United States, about 9 million sicknesses, 50,000 hospitalizations and 2,300 deaths result from foodborne diseases; and the total economic loss is $15.6 billion per year. Scientists at Cornell University developed an antimicrobial coating, HaloFilm, that provides continuous protection from even drug resistant pathogens and prevents biofilm development without the risk of developing resistant strains. Through the I-Corp program, we learned a target market with significant immediate needs was ready-to-eat and frozen food processing plants, and those 3,000 or so plants are our first commercial target. We were recently awarded an SBIR from the USDA and have begun in-plant testing already with food manufacturers. We believe the food safety market is over $300 million with a product that has a 70% gross margin.


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