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Dr. Alexis Clare and Dr. William LaCourse, professors of glass science in the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, in partnership with Hillcrest Industries of Attica, NY, will develop 2 related processes which allow glass powder waste to be reprocessed into retro-reflective beads and to novel luminescent glass microbeads. Hillcrest Industries is a leading manufacturer of glass beads used for highly reflective road markings. Alfred University’s low-temperature process is expected to increase Hillcrest Industries’ profitability and employment through process changes that not only recycle the waste powder into currently produced reflective beads, but also into a wide range of new “glow in the dark” luminescent glass formulations. The new compositions developed at Alfred causes the glass to emit light of a given color when exposed to ultraviolet light emitted by modern auto headlamps.


Derek Kirsch
Plant Manager

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