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Alfred University and Lithoz America, LLC have teamed up on an additive manufacturing (AM) of all solidstate fuel cells and batteries project using yttrium-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) and Lithium Super Ionic Conductor (LISICON) for fuel cell and battery applications, respectively. This project intends to characterize particles and rheology of select ceramic suspensions for 3D printing, sinter AM ceramics, and evaluate AM data for adoption of AM technology for energy applications. This project will be the first step towards making all solid-state energy devices using AM in a commercial scale. The all solid-state energy devices have numerous advantages in terms of energy efficiency, compactness, form factor, low corrosion with no liquid or melt, and longer life. The AM will also dramatically cut the cost to manufacture with significant reductions in material loss due to generally reductive approaches used in manufacture of these materials and devices. Rapid production via AM and flexibility in size and shape will open up new markets for these materials and devices. Results will lay the foundation for scaling up and evaluation of this technology for all solidstate (ceramic) fuel cells and batteries produced by AM, thus revolutionizing energy conversion and storage industries in the NY state as well as across the US.


Shawn Allan
Vice President

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