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microBIOMETER (Prolific Earth Sciences)


Development of an cell phone method of reading a pH strip: We are developing the first accurate, on-site, rapid, method of determining soil pH and are in the process of filing a provisional patent on this prototype that appears as accurate as laboratory methods but eliminates the need for sending soil to a lab and waiting 2 weeks for results. We are asking for funding for the most difficult stage of this test, development of a cell phone app so that the test can be read and analyzed by any cell phone just like microBIOMETER, our patented point of use test for soil microbial biomass. From experience, (we spent over 2 years on the microBIOMETER app), we know that development of the app will require up to six months and will require making changes to the test card format to facilitate the unique challenges posed by the measurement of soil pH and development of algorithms to correct for solvent noise.


Judith Fitzpatrick

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