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The Manufacturing of Food Waste Derived Agricultural Products for Re-Nuble On-Site Nutrient Systems for NY Farms: Our project is the manufacturing and partnered farm testing of our plant-based pelletized fertilizer, derived from unrecoverable, vegetative waste, optimally makes nitrogen, proteins, amino acids, and ammonia water soluble for farms. When used as a system with our modular bioreactor, it decomposes these nutrients for easier plant uptake in hydroponic systems, drip irrigation and fertigation systems. As a very cost competitive fertility system, farms can more cheaply source non-manure based, sustainable agricultural inputs that last longer in their systems, and has a longer shelf-life. Organic/sustainable farms (for both food and non-food crops) that use hydroponic and/or field-based agricultural practices can benefit. Our technology allows for an unprecedented, dried, food waste derived pellet to be manufactured into organic, water-soluble fertilizers, saving farms shipping fees considerably, and hassle-free storage.


Tinia Pina
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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