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Food and Ag competition funding request for a new line of salad dressings: Satur Farms is a grower/processor/shipper of value-added leafy green salads. For over 20 years we’ve grown the Satur Farms brand into a recognizable name known for quality, with distribution in the NE and FL region. However, our company growth has been relatively stagnant the past three years. We maximize the current equipment we have for farming and processing and would need a $4-5 M investment to take us to another level. We chose not to expand in this direction because farming, especially considering climate change, is a roller coaster ride with revenues. Rogue storms, hurricanes, searing heat waves all take their toll on the crops. We believe now is the time to branch out and launch a line of refrigerated salad dressings that complement our salads and offer a stable revenue stream.


Paulette Satur

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