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Prof. James McGrath (Dept. of Biomedical Engineering) will lead an effort to prototype and test a consumable component that is integral to a biomarker detection platform under development at SiMPore. A biomarker is a molecule, like a protein, that can be measured in a bodily fluid, like blood or urine, in order to gain information on health or disease status. An emerging area of biomarker interest is the use of vesicles, known as exosomes, that are released from all cell types throughout the body. Exosomes have been shown to provide more information-rich content as biomarkers, so there is tremendous interest in their application. The project will develop proof-of-concept demonstration that SiMPore’s novel, ultrathin, silicon-based filter membranes can serve as efficient means for isolating and then analyzing exosomes. The Company plans to build upon this project by developing a system for exosome analysis to support drug development and biomedical research.


James Roussie

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