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Triton Biodevices


Scalable manufacturing of microelectronic biosensors using conductive inks : Severe infections that cause sepsis are the leading cause of death in US hospitals. Syracuse-based biotech startup Aincobio LLC is commercializing microelectronic biosensors capable of rapidly analyzing pathogens in less than one hour – 50x faster than is possible in labs today. This will enable doctors to quickly treat patients with effective antibiotics and reduce the risk of mortality. However, these experimental devices are costly to manufacture en masse using conventional microfabrication methods. The Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing at SUNY Binghamton and Aincobio are working together to overcome this manufacturing hurdle. The solution incorporates new techniques in printing metal inks to rapidly and cost-effectively produce these specialized microelectronic biosensors.


Lorenzo D'Amico

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