Energy Frontier Research Center

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ESD-NYSTAR has received approval to offer co-funding for Energy Frontier Research Center applications submitted by NYS institutions of higher education and non-profit research organizations. In conjunction with NYSERDA, ESD-NYSTAR anticipates New York State will once again provide a 10% match of the federal funds awarded for work conducted in New York State, up to $2 million per EFRC and $6 …

How the MEP System Powers New York Manufacturing

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Twenty five years ago, Americans watched as Japan became a formidable economic rival. As the U.S. saw its trade surpluses shrink and trade deficits grow, millions of high-skill, high-wage manufacturing jobs were lost. The pain was especially acute across the “Rust Belt”, a swath of states ranging from the northeastern U.S. to the Midwest. By the end of the 1980s, stopping the decline in U.S. manufacturing was more than just a matter of trade policy. In response, the MEP system was born.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Industrial Robotics News

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New York’s very own Industrial Robotics guru, John Wen, was honored recently by IEEE’s Control Systems Society. He won the 2013 Transition to Practice award, for his breakthrough work on Optical Microscopy. His invention of an Adaptave Scanning Optical Microscope, overcomes the issues faced with industrial automated optical microscopes, where field of view challengesrestricts image resolution. His ASOM provides a …

Sustainability in Manufacturing: Standards on the way!

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NIST working on prototype for Sustainability in a variety of industries.

Manufacturers who are inclined to be engaging in sustainability, rejoice! A source to help navigate the dynamic and complex minefield of regulatory, voluntary, and performance aspects of sustainability is making great progress!

NIST, the National Institute for Standards and Technology, part of the Department of Commerce and parent of the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, (MEP) (our benefactor at FuzeHub and the NYSTAR Regional Technology Development Centers (RTDC’s) has been hard at work to create a systematic means to adopt and implement sustainability in US Industries, particularly manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing: 3-D Systems grows R&D with Xerox merger

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Blog Written by Hutch Hutchison, Director, Technology & Engineering Matching, FuzeHub Xerox and 3-D Systems announced a merger on Wednesday, December 18, slated to help both companies grow. 3-D Systems acquired the product  design, chemistry, and engineering portion of Xerox’s Warrenville, Oregon R&D Facility for $32Million. The R&D Facility, originally acquired by Xerox from Textronix in 2000, will add 100 …

Gov. Cuomo Announces Fuzehub Initiative For Manufacturers

FuzeHub Staff FuzeHub Blog 0 Comments Albany, N.Y. ( — New York Governor Cuomo last weekend announced the FuzeHub, which aims to connect small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) with state resources, such as the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program, economic development agencies and more. More

How to Commercialize Innovation and Support Manufacturing

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Production in Innovation Economy (PIE) commission isn’t satisfied with how the United States is commercializing innovation and supporting manufacturing. Although America still has deep reserves of innovation capacity, decades of decline in our manufacturing base have made it difficult for companies to bring new products and technologies to market.

At September conference, the PIE commission summarized its findings, offered recommendations, and asked tough questions that require answers from more than just manufacturers. After collecting data and conducting hundreds of interviews with industry leaders, MIT faculty members explained how the U.S. can turn its strengths in science and research into businesses, products, and jobs.

CNY: ExportNY – New Session Begins January 22

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Exporting is one of the most effective means of expanding sales and markets for healthy businesses. Is your company eyeing – or already exploring – markets abroad? If so, you could benefit from the ExportNY program offered by the Kiebach Center for International Business Studies at Syracuse University and TDO, in collaboration with the Central New York International Business Alliance.

Additive Manufacturing: An Update!

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In my blog: Additive Manufacturing – A new tool in the toolbox, part 5, I discussed several bio-3-D Printing projects, like skin, and I mentioned Organovo. It is a California company that was pioneering the 3-D Printing of organ tissue, with an eye toward actually printing organs on demand. They have had excellent results of late, actually printing functional liver tissue. The liver tissue, created using actual cells from donated human livers, is created by printing each type of liver cell, as well as vascular cells in a hex pattern, and providing nutrients so that the cells “grow” as they would in a human liver, to form the liver tissue structure, as well as replicate the liver functions.

N.Y. creates one-stop shop for manufacturers

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Rochester Democrat and Chronicle New York state has enormous resources to help manufacturers succeed, but sometimes it’s still difficult to determine exactly where to go if you’re a business owner who needs a problem solved. Enter FuzeHub, a program developed to help small- and medium-sized companies and spur economic growth in New York state.  More