Supply Chain

Don’t Let Your Supply Chain Rust: Metals, Minerals, and Manufacturing

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Rising labor costs abroad, abundant energy supplies at home, direct foreign investment, and increasing U.S. demand are all powering America’s manufacturing renaissance. What’s less understood, however, is the importance of available metals and minerals, materials that are used to make everything from cell phones and laptops to body armor, medical devices, and machinery.

Social Media for Manufacturing

Which Social Network Will Power Manufacturing in 2015?

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Does your business have a Facebook page and a Twitter account? Some manufacturers are still skeptical about the value of social media, but it’s important to have what Hootsuite’s Evan Lepage calls “reference points” about your company. In the Internet Age, prospects and customers go on-line to find information – and they visit more than just company websites. Using search results, what will they learn about you?

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P1 Industries Inc. Invests in New Innovation Lab

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P1 Industries plans to build a million-dollar innovation lab in Scotia that will add design, development, and prototyping to its portfolio of manufacturing services. Founded by David Dussault, an Albany-area industrial entrepreneur, the Schenectady company employs 85 people and earns nearly $20 million in revenue. Formerly known as DHA Holdings, P1 Industries makes parts for the oil and gas and power generation industries.


ThermoAura Opens New Nanocrystal Factory in Colonie

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ThermoAura is a Capital Region startup that manufactures a nano-enhanced thermoelectric material that’s 25% more efficient and costs 40% less to produce than competitor offerings. Founded in June 2011 by Dr. Rutvik Metha, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), the company is continuing is successful transition from university laboratory to commercial manufacturing.

Converging Factors in U.S. Manufacturing for 2015

Predicting Manufacturing Success in 2015

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John Zegers, the director of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing, is predicting “a landmark year for American manufacturing in 2015.” In an article for Manufacturing.Net, the former manufacturers’ representative explains that “a convergence of activities” will help U.S. companies to grow, change, and compete.

Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2015

5 Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2015

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What is the future of manufacturing in 2015? According to Michael Kotelec of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, there are five trends that will cause manufacturers to adjust their supply chains and modify their business models in the new year. Kotelec’s Industry Week predictions apply globally, but which trends will affect New York State manufacturers the most?

Factory Wages: The Mean is Not the Average

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The National Employment Law Project’s (NELP) study about American factories contains conclusions that equate the state of the auto parts industry with U.S. manufacturing as a whole. In philosophy, confusing the part with the whole is known as the fallacy of composition. On the factory floor, finding a bad part in a big batch is known as quality assurance. So is the NELP study flawed, or is it a fine example of QA?

Craft New York Act to Create Jobs, Spur Investment

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The legislation that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed on November 13 reduces what the Governor calls “burdensome” requirements, and provides $3 million in promotional funding via two craft-beverage grant programs. Jim Trezise, President of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, and Paul Leone, Executive Director New York State Brewers Association both praised the new law, which takes effect on December 13.Food and beverage manufacturers employee thousands of New Yorkers and generate billions of dollars in revenue.