Connecting Manufacturers to NIST Laboratories

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Federal labs are a wealth of resources for technology development, but small manufacturers rarely partner with them to advance their businesses. This FuzeHub blog post focuses on the labs of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) and how manufacturers in New York State can take advantage of their expertise and facilities.

NIST, a premier scientific institution, serves as the national measurement institute for the United States. NIST runs a number of laboratories to assist in its mission to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness. These labs focus on research in the areas of engineering, material measurement, physical measurement, nanotechnology, communications technology, and information technology. NIST also maintains joint institutes and centers of excellence in the areas of quantum information, bioscience research, materials design, cybersecurity, and others.

Recognizing the opportunity to connect small manufacturers to these resources, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP)—the national network that includes the New York MEP system—has created the MEP-Assisted Technology and Technical Resource (MATTR) program. The MATTR program provides a mechanism for manufacturers with specific needs or questions concerning products or processes to be connected through the MEP centers to the technical expertise, laboratory facilities, and other resources of the NIST Laboratories. It also allows NIST lab staff to inquire of the MEP system if there are needs in the manufacturing arena that NIST should address.

At this time, a manufacturer can receive many kinds of technical assistance through the MATTR program at no cost. There may be associated fees for other services like instrument calibrations, special measurements, etc.

While every technical problem a small manufacturer encounters may not have a solution within the NIST Labs, the program has resulted in numerous success stories. Technical assistance has been rendered to clients of MEPs in Wisconsin, California, Utah, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, in areas such as nanotechnology, thin film measurement technology, and exposure to the NIST library of patents and products that can be licensed.

The process begins with an inquiry from a manufacturer like you. Get in touch with us at FuzeHub and let us know about a current technical challenge or opportunity in your business so that we can refer you to the MATTR program. FuzeHub’s consultation and referral process involves no cost to your company.


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